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River Jim a World Class Piscator


River Jim is a novel loosly wrapped around a ficticious wager between JFK and Nikita Khrushchev to determine which country had the worlds best fishermen.  This wager evolved into a world wide fishing olympics which included fishermen with mystical powers pitted against the books hero, River Jim.  It also includes stories of Jims youth and his evolution into a world class piscator, (fisherman).  There are stories with everything from Zen to aliens with friends and enemies included.  The chapters were designed to be about one good soak in the tub long and are, hopefully, as enjoyable.



The Missing Book of Possibilities


 The Missing Book of Possibilities weaves a world of Gods who have been forgotton or whose memories have been twisted to the point where they no longer resemble themselves or the message they carried.  Our hero is as kind and thoughtful as ever but finds himself in a world he does not recognize, faced with the knowledge that the memory the world has of him is nothing like he remembers it.  He is faced with many, "what would Jesus have done" moments and we have front row seats.  


The earth-bound hero is a a smalltime preacher and a hippyish companion who has a taste for herb and a drive to find some truth.


This book answers all questions involving life and death and that alone should be worth the price.



A Moment in Time


 The Authors third book, A Moment in Time, takes us from the simple pleasures of River Jim and the spiritual battles of The Missing Book of Possibilites to the sometimes dark and often absurd struggles for redemption within A Moment in Time.  There are mystical creatures that prove critical to the eventual resolution.  This, happily, ensures the author continues with his, outside of the usual, perspectives.  . Belschner continues to mix the pain of human existence with the absolute joy of same in worlds the breathe entirely within his energetic imagination.



       Atlas Shrunk

     ISBN  978 1523696789



It is told that the Titan Atlas, was cursed by Zeus into carrying the heavens upon his shoulders. This is not exactly true. He was cursed with carrying the responsibility for the morality of man.

This fourth novel by Gary Belschner continues the author’s combination of painful morality and human absurdities.  Cursed with attempting to keep humans in line with the heavens our hero Atlas the Titan struggles with conditions that we continue to find ourselves in.  In order to influence and support his mission he returns to earth as a bass player in a band whose songwriter, guitar playing lead singer, Thomas Xavier, is an evolving rock and roll prophet in the world’s most dangerous period since our climb out of the primordial mud.

We as humans seem to have an inability to learn from our mistakes or perhaps we embrace these mistakes seduced by the empty promises they whisper in our ears. 

As the title suggests the thoughts of the novelist Ayn Rand are considered and rightfully ridiculed.



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