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 Atlas Shrunk



The latest offering from River Jim Publishing




This is the fourth book by Gary E Belschner whose first book, River Jim, a World Class Piscator, took us to the world of a Zen-Like Fisherman.  

   His second Book, The Missing Book of Possibilities, considered a land of lost Gods and the eternal battle between right and wrong.  

   His third book, A Moment in Time dives deeply into issues we as humans face as it tackles sin and redemption.  

   Atlas Shrunk, his forth novel casts the Titan Atlas as the entity responsible for man's morality.  There are old prophets and new and a Titan trying his best to keep things straight.  His major lift manifests with his being a bass player in a rock band with a budding prophet as its leader in a battle for the future with a billionaire existing in a reality supported by the unbalanced mind of the novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand.   All of these efforts rely heavily on a colorful, often humorous imagination and the mystical creatures it creates.


Check out these books for sale and also Gary's original music on the record, Katie Stares at the Moon.  All sales through this website will be signed by the author.


*River Jim Publishing is a site dedicated to the efforts of Gary E Belschner.  These efforts include his books, musical CD's and original american made instruments. 


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